Saturday, February 1, 2014


Yea!!  I’m so excited to have finished the first 8 units of TROUBLING TRICK WORDS!!   I’ve been using these FUNdations support pages endlessly in my classroom and they have been a HUGE SUCCESS!
They have been a perfect addition to our weekly FUNdations Trick Word Study and they kids are having great fun with them!

I have my students complete the pages as morning work, right after FUNdations lessons, or during center time.  And best of all they are EASY, NO COLOR, and NO PREP for me!  Just photo copy and the kids are ready to begin working on their Trick Words!
Grab this great TroublingTrick Word Pack, covering the first 54 LEVEL 1 TRICK WORDS, in my TpT store

More Trick Word Support Pages on the way soon!

Leave a comment and become new follower of my blog and I'll send you the Trick Word pack for free!  Remember to leave your email address in your comment!


Mrs. Hill said...

I'm a new follower as of today. I love all of the games you have incorporated using Fundations. I placed many of these on my wish list for purchase. Thank you!

Jillian Coster said...

Yeaaa! So happy to have you as a follower! I'm sending you the Troubling Trick Word pack as we speak!



Lori said...


Thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource. I've purchased Bundle Units 2-5, Unit 9 & 10. My students love them! Will you be creating anything for Unit 1 - strictly for handwriting purposes?


Jen Kroske said...

I'm a new follower even though I've bought from you before. Haha sorry about that! My TPT sometimes will not let me follow people and I thought I followed you but I was very wrong. But now I do and am looking forward to more Fundation packets from you!

Jillian Coster said...

So nice to officially have you as a follower! I've been really bad at checking in with my blog to post updates! So make sure you follow me on TpT so you know when my Fundations support packs are posted! I'm working on getting the Trick Words from Units 9-14 done!


Jillian Coster said...

Hey Lori,

Sorry it took so long for my response! Do you have the Trick Word Pack? If not become a follower of my blog and I'll send it to you! :-)

And GREAT idea about making a pack to support unit 1 that focuses on handwriting! I will go back and do that after I finish with unit 14!


Nlopez3 said...

Hi there,
I have recently purchased your FUNdations unit 10 and 11 pack. I Love the trick word flashcards and I am wondering if they are in this pack?

Lesley Parkinson said...

New follower here!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what fun ideas you have for working with Fundations. We're going to be using it more and more for the next few months with our first grade class, especially those who need the extra help with their letter sounds!!

Cary Forlines said...

I am absolutely loving your Fundations Level 1 packets. They have helped make Fundations Time more "fun". Thank You!
Cary Forlines

Martin Legault said...

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