Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fundations Compatible Word Wall Trick Words!

Word Wall Words.....  Which to use?  How many to include?  How to teach them?  I don't know about your school but Word Walls always seems to be a debate at my school.

This year I have decided to focus my Word Wall teaching and learning on the 93 First Grade Fundations Trick Words. 

My goal for my first graders is to be able to both Read and Spell these words as quickly as possible.  They will be "no excuse" words and I will hold them accountable for them in both their reading and writing. 

In order to get these Fundations Trick Words on my word wall I needed to create my own.  So here is the Fundations Compatible Trick Word Word Wall Cards through unit 3, of level 1, as a freebie to you for being one of my followers!  As I complete the rest of the word wall word cards I will post them in my TpT store!

I've also been using my Fundations Compatible Troubling Trick Words, First Grade Word Study Pack to support the learning of these word wall words!  They help add some independent practice and the kids love doing them.  I use them in lots of different ways such as for morning work, to end a Fundations lesson, center activities or even for homework!  They are great!  You can brag my Troubling Trick Word Pack from my TpT store!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Troubling Trick Words! Fundations Aligned! and a GIVEAWAY!!


I had so much success using my Troubling Trick Word activity pages with my first grade class this past year that I decided to bundle all the Fundations suggested first grade trick words in one pack and offer it to you on TpT at a reduced cost! 

The words are grouped by units and can be used for homework, morning work or center work!

I've always felt that my Fundations Trick Word study needed a bit more substance than what is perscribed by Fundations and these seemed to offer my class the perfect additional independent work for my kids!  I hope they help your students too!
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Good Luck!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Support Packs!

I'm working on revising and renaming my support packs (that can be used as a companion to Fundations!) so they don't infringe on any rights, and  hopefully they will be up again shortly!  I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, February 1, 2014


Yea!!  I’m so excited to have finished the first 8 units of TROUBLING TRICK WORDS!!   I’ve been using these FUNdations support pages endlessly in my classroom and they have been a HUGE SUCCESS!
They have been a perfect addition to our weekly FUNdations Trick Word Study and they kids are having great fun with them!

I have my students complete the pages as morning work, right after FUNdations lessons, or during center time.  And best of all they are EASY, NO COLOR, and NO PREP for me!  Just photo copy and the kids are ready to begin working on their Trick Words!
Grab this great TroublingTrick Word Pack, covering the first 54 LEVEL 1 TRICK WORDS, in my TpT store

More Trick Word Support Pages on the way soon!

Leave a comment and become new follower of my blog and I'll send you the Trick Word pack for free!  Remember to leave your email address in your comment!